An Interactive Introduction to Attractor Landscapes

By Nick Case (playing time ~ 5mins):

A peaceful movement fights against violence and oppression for years, and nothing much changes. Then, everything changes.

Why do many complex systems – cultures, environments, economies – seem stuck (or if good, “stable”) despite lots of effort to change them? And why, when change does come, it seems to cascade (or if bad, “collapse”) all at once?

Oh man… this, this, this. Please click over and take a stab at understanding this. Then ask yourself if the underlying ridges and valleys of our political system may have changed over the last 12 to 16 months? I understand the cycle of mid-term swings and such but something just feels different about the underlying attractors and repellers of our political landscape.

On a not-so-unrelated note, this is exactly why coaching is so powerful for getting “unstuck”. We all get stuck in these valleys from time to time and it can be all but impossible to change without help. Coaching provides the support you need to “change the landscape” and get past a tipping point.


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