Android’s trust problem isn’t getting better – The Verge

Vlad Savov for The Verge

I agree, but I also take issue with Vlad’s dismissal of the androidone initiative and seemingly the Pixel and Nexus phones as well.

Google is obviously aware of the situation, and it’s pushing its Android One initiative to give people reassurances when buying an Android phone. Android One guarantees OS updates for at least two years and security updates for at least three years. But, as with most things Android, Android One is only available on a few devices, most of which are of the budget variety. You won’t find the big global names of Samsung, Huawei, and LG supporting it.

I’m posting this from an androidone device that is good enough for my needs and cost me an almost unbelievably low $185. Pixels certainly compete with Apple’s best, but Apple doesn’t even acknowledge that it’s possible to build a useful phone for under $500.

There are a lot of bad Android phones and a few really decent ones. Apple has no truly bad phones but I can buy every member of our family a decent Android phone for the cost of Apple’s cheapest offering.

And then there is the fact that without the ease of Google Photos and storage features, I would be completely bankrupt of both time and money trying to manage and store the literally tens of thousands of pictures the women in my life take every month!

Apple also has a trust problem with me, I don’t trust them not to bleed me dry after the first cut.

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