2 thoughts on “Dark Patterns – User Hostile UX Design

  1. Understood, but the dark patterns Facebook has emplyeed in the past (and others that they currently do use) aren’t the problem. It’s Facebook’s sweeping under the rug or ignoring problems imo.

    I still find it ironic that you’re willing to trust fb through Instagram.

    1. I totally understand the apparent irony. Nothing is all bad or all good. For me it’s not about trust really. I actually think most people at fb want to do the right thing. It just feels like the main fb product has become more negative than positive in my life, though it is certainly both. Instagram is still in the net positive, so we’ll continue to use the tool with eyes wide open.

      My point with this particular post is that I never even imagined we’d be at risk via things our friends do. And this is a confluence of dark patterns by fb AND the developer accessing the API. These past several weeks are certainly the tipping point, but the value proposition of the main fb product has been decreasing (for me personally) for quite a while.

      I like doing radical things 😉 I went without an actual cell plan (just used VOIP and such on an old phone) for over a year as an experiment not too very long ago. It was interesting, but I have a cell plan again. Perhaps the day will come when I join the social network again… we’ll see!

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